How does it work?

Sometimes our bodies need a little help when we are in the conceiving and pregnancy stage of life. Keeping everything balanced is a vital part of achieving conception, throughout pregnancy and into post-partum. Our hormones, while assisting, are throwing a lot of other things going on in our body off track.  Symptoms like indigestion, heartburn, morning sickness, restless leg syndrome, and problems conceiving can begin to show. This is a sign your body is telling you that something is in need of help, and it usually means it is in need of balance. 

Keeping a balanced alkaline level can aid the body in keeping the typical pregnancy and post-partum symptoms at bay, which will make for a much healthier and stress-free experience. When I was pregnant with my two children, I had heartburn all day long. I was not interested in taking a prescription or over-the-counter chewables and found out that a little baking soda in water did the trick nearly every time. But what if you could prevent the symptoms from occurring in the first place? Healing the initial root problem instead of treating the symptom is the best way to ensure it will not reappear! 

How does Tiger's Eye help?

This beautiful golden-brown stone brings calm, balance, optimism, and wealth and protects against psychic attack. It also balances the energies of the reproductive organs, aiding in fertility and conception. This stone has the ability to bring balance between male and female energies, thus balancing the hormones. Perfect for all things pregnancy and menopausal. To learn more about Crystals...


What is hazelwood, and how does it work?

Wood from a hazelwood tree, which is native to Quebec, Canada, has the medicinal properties to neutralize the body's acidity! The wood absorbs the body's excess acid when worn close to the body and kept wet. Hazelwood will eventually have to be replaced when the inside wood turns a dark color. The bark may flake off from normal wear and tear, but this does not ruin its ability to absorb acid. Many find they will have to replace their first necklace sooner than later because it is absorbing a lot of excess acid. The next piece will most likely not darken as fast because you have already aided the body to rid the excess, and it is more for maintenance! To learn more about Hazelwood..

We like to pair the Tigers Eye, Hazelwood with Baltic Amber together to give it a triple boost of balancing and help you achieve the health you deserve to have!