Top 5 Must Have Healing Jewelry Items For Him!

Top 5 Must Have Healing Jewelry Items For Him!

Sometimes the guys in our lives are hard to buy for or they are not as good at taking care of their own health.  Do you have a growing teen/young adult who plays sports who is active all day, everyday? These hand chosen, handmade items help with all these problems!  They are great, thoughtful, stylish gifts and help assist in some of their everyday annoying aliments. 

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Hi Hippie, in case you didn't realize we have not been very active over her on the Hippie Hoopla blog page.  But we have been having a very big adventure over at our traveling website called TRAILin.  Big plans for this and than website in 2017.  Please enjoy our latest TRAILin piece and hope you have a Happy Hippy New Year!

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When I initially think of the word Universe I think large, vast, infinite.  But when I break up the word Universe like (You-niverse) my perspective changes inward.  I feel more connected to it, it feels more immediate and personal.  My life changing moments usually come out of the hard ones.  Our family has had a few rough weeks with our cars, work and health.  Nothing more than 1st world drama but its enough to make one take pause and think why me?  Its too much all lumped together and at these moments I have to regroup and try to figure out what the Universe it trying to tell my You-niverse?  

Letting moments like these slip on by would be slapping the Universe in the face.  Its giving you subtle and not so subtle hints that things are changing with or without your approval. Either you can be part to the problem or part of the solution.  Usually i'm part of the problem until I take a step back and figure out how to be part of the solution.  Now that i'm on to the Universe i'm ready to make the changes and get on board. 

A few major happenings have occurred this Fall and its time to get them up to speed with our family vision and execute a plan.  We have been on hold with a bunch of things and now the Universe is literally telling me to do it on my terms now or it will be happy to take over in a way I'm not so happy with.  So there it is, thank you Universe for kicking my butt into gear and getting my wheels turning and pulling me out of my funk.  If you don't read the signs you can end up in the wrong place and it might not be anywhere close to where you want to be.

TRAIL - Take Real Awareness In Living, cause when you are not paying attention your life is just coasting by and that's not living!




Take Real Awareness In Living!

What do you think of when you read that?  When I was pondering about my journey and looking for a mantra to accompany it the word Trail kept sticking out to me. We are all on our own trail through life. The acronym revealed itself to me pretty quickly as well and I'm just so in love with it.

Most people go through life not aware of what is actually happening to them or around them. Take Real Awareness In Living to me means stop and smell the roses, be present, enjoy every second we are given here on Earth.

I'm using this new Mantra as an extension of my Grateful Life tag line. My Trail is always changing and the difference between now and then is currently I am present in, on and throughout my TRAIL.

A year ago I got on the Gratitude Trail and I feel that during this time my vibration has changed and I am now having a deeper connection with my path.  I am living it, I truly took awareness in my life and things are happening.  I no longer feel like I am waiting for life to happen, I am living, I am present and my TRAIL is so clear to me now.

Follow my journey and figure out your TRAIL. Focus your attention and intention on Taking Real Awareness In Living.

28 Days

28 days, the amount of time it takes to make or break a habit!  What if you said Thank You before your feet hit the floor?  How many of you wake up dreading the day ahead of you, thinking of all the things that need to be done?  What if you turned these negative experiences into positive ones?  When I first learned of this practice I thought there was no way I would be able to remember to do this.  Especially with 2 small kids screaming from across the hall cause they need this or that at 6:15 in the am.  It was a little difficult in the beginning for sure.  Now that I've been doing this for 8 months I can assure you it happens regardless of who or how I wake up.  I pause, say Thank You and I'm off and running for the day.

You can take this practice a step further if you take a moment to create your day and give thanks for each thing that you will do or encounter.  Example, this morning I said Thank You for my husband working an open shift, sun shinning, my daughters soccer game, and orders that I received and shipped out for my business.  Thinking positively about what has not yet to come will only set you up for success for your day and make those things become something to truly be grateful about.

At the end of my day as I lay my head down and close my eyes I reflect back on the day and give thanks.  I list off all the things I was grateful for in the AM and if any new surprises popped up as well.  I always think about the next day too and do the same.  Its a cycle that will become a norm without even trying. 

So for the next 28 days do this with me.  If you think in the beginning this will be hard to remember there are a few things you can do to help.  You can put a post it on your clock that simply says Thank You.  Perhaps tie a string around your wrist or finger to remind you of your practice.  You may even want to go a bit more extreme and tape the word Thank You on your ceiling!!!  

Post your updates and tell me how your progress is going! 

Head over to my Grateful Living Facebook page to stay updated on Living a Grateful Life!

New Year, New You!

I've been thinking about my New Years Resolutions and it brings me back to this past years ones I set.  I can honestly say its the first time I ever felt like I fulfilled my resolution!  I wanted to focus on my business and see where it would lead me.  I was no longer working a part time job so had so-called extra time to focus on it. 

I started attending an all mom's entrepreneur monthly meeting.  The first one I went to in the Winter I really wasn't supposed to go because an independent movie that was doing a one night screening was at the same time, and I had committed to going to it with a few others before the meeting had presented itself.  At the last minute the movie production had to cancel due to an electrical issue at the school it was being shown at.  I still had childcare set up so I decided I may as well go to this new group that was starting.  I felt like a fraud because I thought I really didn't have a business.  I sold my healing goods to people I knew and their friends, but didn't have an online commerce site, website or business card!  I only knew I was intrigued and my gut was steering me in the direction to explore the possibility of a business. 

There were for sure more ladies who had established, legit, tax paying businesses at the meeting, but a few who did not like me.  I decided I would use their knowledge to help my journey.  At the end of the meeting someone had brought their Animal Tarot cards for everyone to pick from, I chose the Bison which was perfect!  Not only had I found out about a nearby Buffalo farm I was looking to tour, but its message was so perfect at the time.  "Recognize the riches of the past and the abundance of the present" It spoke to me that I was on the right path and was where I was meant to be!  I've attended almost every monthly meeting since that night and each one has been just as eye opening and magical.  The growth I experience from month to month is truly amazing.  I feel having a support group such as this is really beneficial in all aspects of life.

So this past years resolutions are  just the jumping off point.  My new ones for 2015 are a continuation of them and I'm calling 2015 the year of "Dreaming Big"!   I'm a big fan of the Law of Attraction, like the book The Secret, and this year really has shown me that is does work if you believe it can.  I had an Oprah "AHA" moment this past month when  I realized that as a little kid whenever I thought about my future I was always a big dreamer.   If I daydreamed about being a singer, I didn't think of singing in a high school chorus or local musical, I dreamt of being the most famous singer in the world and this was the common theme for all my daydreams.  I grew up in a very comfortable middle class environment and convinced myself that there was no reason to need more than what I knew as my reality.  My parents never told me I could never be this or that, but never told me to reach for the stars or beyond either.  They gave me guidance and support and who was I to complain because it was more than most people get and I am grateful.   So my aha moment was that some where along the way I started shaming myself for thinking I could live a much larger life than I was experiencing.  Who was I to think I'm any better or deserving than the next, that I deserved the fame and fortune I daydreamed about?  So over the decades I lost my daydream and settled or struggled with what I wanted to be in this world! 

But like I said, it resurfaced and I have released the shame as well as the fear that went with it to admit to others I dream big.  I now want all to know I have big dreams and I'm not afraid or ashamed of them.  How are my dreams supposed to come true if I don't accept them myself and let the Universe know I want them?  Why do I care if someone else thinks my dreams of jetting off to Bali in a moments notice to stay at a friends beach house is absurd?  Their opinion has nothing to do with me, its my dream not theirs. 

So for 2015 my New Years Resolution is to dream as big as I can, to infinity and beyond.  My first plan of attack is to get my family all a passport, can't jet off to Bali in a moments notice if we can't leave the country.  Would love to hear what others New Years resolutions are for this upcoming year as well so please leave me a comment on how you plan to spend 2015!  Also, no dream is too small either, if your resolution is to not eat sugar or get your moles checked, or not to have any resolutions at all then own them.  Make sure you put it out there and make them your reality in 2015.

And for that movie I missed, Race To Nowhere, I did get to see a screening a few weeks later.  It was pretty powerful stuff, and its message only added to this past years journey that I was on the right path not only in business but with my kids education and families wellbeing.  If you get a chance to see it I highly recommend it regardless if you have kids in school or not.







Essential Oils, are they for real or just Hippie Hoopla? 

For decades I've been using essential oils but very limited to aromatherapy only.  I think Lavender and Peppermint were the only ones I felt comfortable in purchasing and using in a mini tea tree light diffuser or Tea Tree oil in my cloth diaper rinses.  Most likely I didn't use a reputable brand and over paid for low quality product.  A little over 2 years ago I met a few lovely ladies who had a bit more knowledge about the essential oil world, and when I say a bit I mean 100x more info than I ever knew existed.  I went to my first DoTerra house party and my world was forever changed! 

I didn't realize that there were so many different essential oils (eo's) options and that they came in all sorts of blended forms and that they could be used in so many ways.  I was no stranger to taking a chance with a new form of healing, I was already using homeopathics so I was a believer in more Eastern energy healing ways.  At the party I got to smell them, put them on, taste a few and did side by side comparisons with other brands.  The smell of one Lavender was different than the other I couldn't believe it, shouldn't Lavender smell the same across the board I thought?  So my interest was sparked and I jumped in full force and haven't looked back. 

I have supported other local mom friends who sell essential oils over the years but felt with the launch of my new business it was time to do another leap of sorts and become a rep myself.  I talk up DoTerra essential oils so much I might as well be getting a discount, right?  Now don't get me wrong, there are a handful of eo companies out there that I could had went with, but DoTerra has never let me down.  I never made a purchase from this company and had buyers remorse or went unused.   There was really no reason for me to switch to another brand to represent because of monetary reasons.  And by monetary I mean money, essential oils are not cheap!

There is for sure a sticker shock in the beginning.  How can one tiny bottle cost sooooo much money I thought!  I am a firm believer in preventative medicine, and by that I don't mean taking a prescription my dr. has prescribed for allergies hoping I don't have a reaction.  I mean I want to live healthy so I don't have to get that prescription to begin with.  If you take into consideration the cost of a Dr. co-pay, then the prescription fee, and compare it to the cost of the eo, the sticker shock is a bit easier to swallow.    In my opinion you can live life paying up front for the good stuff or paying at the end for the symptoms the crap produces.  Its a no brainer for me and the health of my family. 

So this was just a little history of where I started with my essential oil journey.  I'm still navigating my way through the waters as well. Just bought my first bottle of Helichrysum.  Don't ask me to pronounce it cause I cant, but it is known in the essential oil world as the miracle eo and its sticker shock will blow your mind.  However its been on my wish list for 2 years and with my new rep status I treated myself!  In the posts to follow I will include recipes and more informative info on how to use different blends so stay tuned!  Until then please visit my DoTerra on-line site and watch an Intro Video and learn a little more about how they can be apart of your life like they are apart of mine. 

Please let me know if you have any questions and what you would like to know more about or if your interested in becoming a rep as well!

High on Living

Our Grateful Life philosophy was born from the practice of gratitude that has changed me and my family's life.  It happened so fast that I'm still figuring out how to navigate it.  Most people understand the basic premise of gratitude but really they are just scraping the surface and going through the social acceptance of how to be thankful.  Someone brings you a cup of coffee at the shop, you say thanks, don't make eye contact and continue browsing your smartphone.  Did you even make a connection with that person and why your saying the words and why its important to do so?    Looking that person in the eye to let them know your acknowledging them and grateful for their service.  Looking at your coffee and giving thanks for how its going to make you feel is the next step and so on. 

Thank You is the first thing I say before I get out of bed and last thing I say before I drift off to sleep.  I am Grateful for this life and realize that if I don't recognize this daily in every moment life is just moving on without me.  I want to participate and create my day to be what makes me happy and those 2 simple words are the necessary glue to hold it all in place!

Living naturally has been our families path for some time and the closer we get back to basics the more grateful I am.  Technology is amazing and useful and makes life so simple and easy in so many ways.  Figuring out how to create a balance between technology and being grounded in the natural fibers of the Earth is a harmonious blend that is a journey worth taking.

We are excited to bring you Hippie Hoopla so we can journey together and figure out this balance and how to be grateful for all the things along the way.  We love to hear about your stories and see pictures so please send them our way.  Where ever you may fall on the Hippie spectrum our basic mantra that Natural Living = Grateful Life will always guide you in the right direction!