New Year, New You!

I've been thinking about my New Years Resolutions and it brings me back to this past years ones I set.  I can honestly say its the first time I ever felt like I fulfilled my resolution!  I wanted to focus on my business and see where it would lead me.  I was no longer working a part time job so had so-called extra time to focus on it. 

I started attending an all mom's entrepreneur monthly meeting.  The first one I went to in the Winter I really wasn't supposed to go because an independent movie that was doing a one night screening was at the same time, and I had committed to going to it with a few others before the meeting had presented itself.  At the last minute the movie production had to cancel due to an electrical issue at the school it was being shown at.  I still had childcare set up so I decided I may as well go to this new group that was starting.  I felt like a fraud because I thought I really didn't have a business.  I sold my healing goods to people I knew and their friends, but didn't have an online commerce site, website or business card!  I only knew I was intrigued and my gut was steering me in the direction to explore the possibility of a business. 

There were for sure more ladies who had established, legit, tax paying businesses at the meeting, but a few who did not like me.  I decided I would use their knowledge to help my journey.  At the end of the meeting someone had brought their Animal Tarot cards for everyone to pick from, I chose the Bison which was perfect!  Not only had I found out about a nearby Buffalo farm I was looking to tour, but its message was so perfect at the time.  "Recognize the riches of the past and the abundance of the present" It spoke to me that I was on the right path and was where I was meant to be!  I've attended almost every monthly meeting since that night and each one has been just as eye opening and magical.  The growth I experience from month to month is truly amazing.  I feel having a support group such as this is really beneficial in all aspects of life.

So this past years resolutions are  just the jumping off point.  My new ones for 2015 are a continuation of them and I'm calling 2015 the year of "Dreaming Big"!   I'm a big fan of the Law of Attraction, like the book The Secret, and this year really has shown me that is does work if you believe it can.  I had an Oprah "AHA" moment this past month when  I realized that as a little kid whenever I thought about my future I was always a big dreamer.   If I daydreamed about being a singer, I didn't think of singing in a high school chorus or local musical, I dreamt of being the most famous singer in the world and this was the common theme for all my daydreams.  I grew up in a very comfortable middle class environment and convinced myself that there was no reason to need more than what I knew as my reality.  My parents never told me I could never be this or that, but never told me to reach for the stars or beyond either.  They gave me guidance and support and who was I to complain because it was more than most people get and I am grateful.   So my aha moment was that some where along the way I started shaming myself for thinking I could live a much larger life than I was experiencing.  Who was I to think I'm any better or deserving than the next, that I deserved the fame and fortune I daydreamed about?  So over the decades I lost my daydream and settled or struggled with what I wanted to be in this world! 

But like I said, it resurfaced and I have released the shame as well as the fear that went with it to admit to others I dream big.  I now want all to know I have big dreams and I'm not afraid or ashamed of them.  How are my dreams supposed to come true if I don't accept them myself and let the Universe know I want them?  Why do I care if someone else thinks my dreams of jetting off to Bali in a moments notice to stay at a friends beach house is absurd?  Their opinion has nothing to do with me, its my dream not theirs. 

So for 2015 my New Years Resolution is to dream as big as I can, to infinity and beyond.  My first plan of attack is to get my family all a passport, can't jet off to Bali in a moments notice if we can't leave the country.  Would love to hear what others New Years resolutions are for this upcoming year as well so please leave me a comment on how you plan to spend 2015!  Also, no dream is too small either, if your resolution is to not eat sugar or get your moles checked, or not to have any resolutions at all then own them.  Make sure you put it out there and make them your reality in 2015.

And for that movie I missed, Race To Nowhere, I did get to see a screening a few weeks later.  It was pretty powerful stuff, and its message only added to this past years journey that I was on the right path not only in business but with my kids education and families wellbeing.  If you get a chance to see it I highly recommend it regardless if you have kids in school or not.