High on Living

Our Grateful Life philosophy was born from the practice of gratitude that has changed me and my family's life.  It happened so fast that I'm still figuring out how to navigate it.  Most people understand the basic premise of gratitude but really they are just scraping the surface and going through the social acceptance of how to be thankful.  Someone brings you a cup of coffee at the shop, you say thanks, don't make eye contact and continue browsing your smartphone.  Did you even make a connection with that person and why your saying the words and why its important to do so?    Looking that person in the eye to let them know your acknowledging them and grateful for their service.  Looking at your coffee and giving thanks for how its going to make you feel is the next step and so on. 

Thank You is the first thing I say before I get out of bed and last thing I say before I drift off to sleep.  I am Grateful for this life and realize that if I don't recognize this daily in every moment life is just moving on without me.  I want to participate and create my day to be what makes me happy and those 2 simple words are the necessary glue to hold it all in place!

Living naturally has been our families path for some time and the closer we get back to basics the more grateful I am.  Technology is amazing and useful and makes life so simple and easy in so many ways.  Figuring out how to create a balance between technology and being grounded in the natural fibers of the Earth is a harmonious blend that is a journey worth taking.

We are excited to bring you Hippie Hoopla so we can journey together and figure out this balance and how to be grateful for all the things along the way.  We love to hear about your stories and see pictures so please send them our way.  Where ever you may fall on the Hippie spectrum our basic mantra that Natural Living = Grateful Life will always guide you in the right direction!