When I initially think of the word Universe I think large, vast, infinite.  But when I break up the word Universe like (You-niverse) my perspective changes inward.  I feel more connected to it, it feels more immediate and personal.  My life changing moments usually come out of the hard ones.  Our family has had a few rough weeks with our cars, work and health.  Nothing more than 1st world drama but its enough to make one take pause and think why me?  Its too much all lumped together and at these moments I have to regroup and try to figure out what the Universe it trying to tell my You-niverse?  

Letting moments like these slip on by would be slapping the Universe in the face.  Its giving you subtle and not so subtle hints that things are changing with or without your approval. Either you can be part to the problem or part of the solution.  Usually i'm part of the problem until I take a step back and figure out how to be part of the solution.  Now that i'm on to the Universe i'm ready to make the changes and get on board. 

A few major happenings have occurred this Fall and its time to get them up to speed with our family vision and execute a plan.  We have been on hold with a bunch of things and now the Universe is literally telling me to do it on my terms now or it will be happy to take over in a way I'm not so happy with.  So there it is, thank you Universe for kicking my butt into gear and getting my wheels turning and pulling me out of my funk.  If you don't read the signs you can end up in the wrong place and it might not be anywhere close to where you want to be.

TRAIL - Take Real Awareness In Living, cause when you are not paying attention your life is just coasting by and that's not living!