Take Real Awareness In Living!

What do you think of when you read that?  When I was pondering about my journey and looking for a mantra to accompany it the word Trail kept sticking out to me. We are all on our own trail through life. The acronym revealed itself to me pretty quickly as well and I'm just so in love with it.

Most people go through life not aware of what is actually happening to them or around them. Take Real Awareness In Living to me means stop and smell the roses, be present, enjoy every second we are given here on Earth.

I'm using this new Mantra as an extension of my Grateful Life tag line. My Trail is always changing and the difference between now and then is currently I am present in, on and throughout my TRAIL.

A year ago I got on the Gratitude Trail and I feel that during this time my vibration has changed and I am now having a deeper connection with my path.  I am living it, I truly took awareness in my life and things are happening.  I no longer feel like I am waiting for life to happen, I am living, I am present and my TRAIL is so clear to me now.

Follow my journey and figure out your TRAIL. Focus your attention and intention on Taking Real Awareness In Living.