Essential Oils, are they for real or just Hippie Hoopla? 

For decades I've been using essential oils but very limited to aromatherapy only.  I think Lavender and Peppermint were the only ones I felt comfortable in purchasing and using in a mini tea tree light diffuser or Tea Tree oil in my cloth diaper rinses.  Most likely I didn't use a reputable brand and over paid for low quality product.  A little over 2 years ago I met a few lovely ladies who had a bit more knowledge about the essential oil world, and when I say a bit I mean 100x more info than I ever knew existed.  I went to my first DoTerra house party and my world was forever changed! 

I didn't realize that there were so many different essential oils (eo's) options and that they came in all sorts of blended forms and that they could be used in so many ways.  I was no stranger to taking a chance with a new form of healing, I was already using homeopathics so I was a believer in more Eastern energy healing ways.  At the party I got to smell them, put them on, taste a few and did side by side comparisons with other brands.  The smell of one Lavender was different than the other I couldn't believe it, shouldn't Lavender smell the same across the board I thought?  So my interest was sparked and I jumped in full force and haven't looked back. 

I have supported other local mom friends who sell essential oils over the years but felt with the launch of my new business it was time to do another leap of sorts and become a rep myself.  I talk up DoTerra essential oils so much I might as well be getting a discount, right?  Now don't get me wrong, there are a handful of eo companies out there that I could had went with, but DoTerra has never let me down.  I never made a purchase from this company and had buyers remorse or went unused.   There was really no reason for me to switch to another brand to represent because of monetary reasons.  And by monetary I mean money, essential oils are not cheap!

There is for sure a sticker shock in the beginning.  How can one tiny bottle cost sooooo much money I thought!  I am a firm believer in preventative medicine, and by that I don't mean taking a prescription my dr. has prescribed for allergies hoping I don't have a reaction.  I mean I want to live healthy so I don't have to get that prescription to begin with.  If you take into consideration the cost of a Dr. co-pay, then the prescription fee, and compare it to the cost of the eo, the sticker shock is a bit easier to swallow.    In my opinion you can live life paying up front for the good stuff or paying at the end for the symptoms the crap produces.  Its a no brainer for me and the health of my family. 

So this was just a little history of where I started with my essential oil journey.  I'm still navigating my way through the waters as well. Just bought my first bottle of Helichrysum.  Don't ask me to pronounce it cause I cant, but it is known in the essential oil world as the miracle eo and its sticker shock will blow your mind.  However its been on my wish list for 2 years and with my new rep status I treated myself!  In the posts to follow I will include recipes and more informative info on how to use different blends so stay tuned!  Until then please visit my DoTerra on-line site and watch an Intro Video and learn a little more about how they can be apart of your life like they are apart of mine. 

Please let me know if you have any questions and what you would like to know more about or if your interested in becoming a rep as well!